Fencing Coach

I have been coaching fencing since 2016. It all started in my club when I would help around the beginners. That summer I got offered a great coaching job. I taught a summer camp at summer dreamers, which was almost like a summer school. I taught a class with 30 second and third graders and a class with 30 fifth and sixth graders. I did this along with another kid from my club and a supervisor as I was not 18 yet. My coach thought I did a great job and since then has always asked me to coach when an opportunity rose. I have since worked summer camps at the Jewish Community Center and Winchester Thurston (Pictured below). I then advanced to also teaching intermediate and advanced classes when needed at my club. As a coach I try to teach the kids a lot about the sport and proper technique but it is also very important to me that everyone has fun and everyone is respected. I make sure to always place rules to keep everyone happy and most importantly safe. I continue to coach on occasion. I absolutely love coaching and I have always had great experiences with the kids in my camps.