John’s Hopkins COVID-19 Design Challenge Survey

This survey was created by our group for the John’s Hopkins COVID-19 Design Challenge (can read more about it in competitions section). The University of Pittsburgh provides us access to qualtrics, which is a simple to use online survey tool to conduct survey research and data collection activities. We all learned the software pretty quick and were able to put together all of the questions within a few hours. Then, it was time to get data. We spread it through social media and texts. It is a short survey, which makes it easier for people to be attracted to do it. We received many responses. We were then able to look at all of our data and draw conclusions from it. Qualtrics even allowed us to sort our data by zip code with some manipulation. As this way just a prototype, most of the responses were around Pittsburgh, however it could very easily be done on a bigger scale. Feel free to check out the original survey below:

To access the survey, click here