John’s Hopkins COVID-19 Design Challenge

This competition took place right at the start of when covid reached the United States. The goal was to help with the challenges we were facing due to the pandemic in any way. I worked in a group with friends from high school. Our group was made up of 3 engineers, a physics student, a premed student, and I. Our idea was to make a survey that people could take on a regular basis to have more data. The important part however, is that we were able to receive the location of where each survey was from. The idea behind this was so that hospitals would know where more cases were rising and therefore know where more resources are necessary. (To find out more about the survey, go to the projects section.) A bit after we finished this competition, apple came out with a very similar survey, along with other places. This survey is now very common to fill out for any work place or university. Therefore, this makes me believe that my team and I had a pretty good idea.

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