Pitt Big Idea Blast

I participated in this competition with three friends. They are two computer engineers and another civil engineer. This competition was based around one weekend with a lot of work. We entered this competition with our "ZMAC Mouse" (read more about it in the projects section). On day 1 of the competition there was an introduction and what to expect and then each team got to present and receive some feedback. The presentations were 5-8 minutes. On day one we got a lot of good feedback and knew where to improve. On the morning of day 2, we had the chance to meet with a mentor and entrepreneur for thirty minutes. He was very helpful and helped us understand our market much better. We then did some further research and worked on our presentations. At night, it was time to do the real presentations in front of the judges. We did our official presentation and it went very well and there was much improvement from day 1. My team and I finished second, however we learned a lot and kept advancing our idea in the right direction. I look forward to keep competing in the Big Idea competitions.

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