Lemson-MIT Student Prize Competition

I participated in this competition with three friends. They are two computer engineers and another civil engineer. We entered this competition in the summer of 2020 and worked through rounds until December 2020. We got close but sadly were eliminated in the semi-final round. We entered this competition with our "ZMAC Mouse" (read more about it in the projects section). By entering this competition, my friends and I decided that we wanted this mouse to be more than just something that we enjoy and use, but to make it available to others. We entered this competition to try and earn funds to make this possible. Throughout this competition we were able to learn more about the market we would have and how it could be useful to others. We wrote essays together about the mouse, about us, and about the market and need for the mouse. It was a great learning experience and we hope to use what we learned to keep improving our creation and hopefully win it next year!

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